The cloud platform for video creation and collaboration.

Stop wasting time collaborating on film edits using email.

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Automatically backup your work

The New Pop automatically syncs your edits to the cloud so you never have to worry about losing changes. All changes to your edits are automatically versioned so you can roll back to any previous work-in-progress.

Collaborate with anyone, anywhere

No more stuffing around with email or Dropbox. Add collaborators to your project and easily sync their changes in with yours. Comment in line to quickly see how to improve the edit.

Why are we building this product?

We have many years experience producing or executive producing nearly 50 fashion films and short film brand stories for fashion and lifestyle brands. We have worked with clients including H&M, Vogue, Woolmark and Westfield. We have been through many frustrating experiences collaborating with email, DropBox and the other services that aren't made for film production. We have put all this experience into designing a product for filmmakers that will save you time and frustration and help you create your best work.

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Request invite to private beta.